Social Media Marketing: Plan and Pricing
With our comprehensive service offering we promote your business with social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other popular social media. Our experienced team will customize strategy to fits your unique needs.

Our Process for promoting your business with social media will help you to showcase your Fan page to large pool of Fans. And our process ensures you that we will provide voluntary and real Fans, likes, shares, or tweets. We are 100% legal and real company in Nepal to promote your social media marketing.

We promise to deliver your request/offering within the delivery time. We also provide you the exact number of Fans/shares/tweets/likes which you order.

  • We don’t need admin access to your Account.
  • 100% reel legitimate user.
  • Money back Guarantee if fail to deliver exact number of Fans/Shares/Tweets/Likes.
Social Media No Of Fans Price Est. Days To Complete
Facebook 1000 Fans/Likes $110 7 Days
Google+ 1000 Plusone $130 7 Days
Twitter 1000 Followers/Tweets $130 7 Days
Digg 1000 Digg $130 7 Days
LinkedIn 500 Share $80 7 Days
Stumpleupon 1000 Share $140 7 Days

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