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Search Engine experts believe that the rankings of our web site is 10% due to on-site optimization and 90% dependent on quality and quantity of links backs to your website. Every single inbound link is considered as a “Vote” for our website. But always remember the vote of the site is determined by various factors like the page rank of back links, Anchor text, content relevance and many more things.

So Cloud Hosting Information’s SEO service is designed to give you the highest quality of links at lowest price possible.

High Page Rank Site:We add your website to high page rank site. According to our different package, we never put your links on website below Page Rank zero and which is  non index in Google.

Relevant Content, Packed With Keywords: We embed your link according to your website category and relevant articles which is considered to be most natural link for your website.

Customizable Anchor Text: You can specify number of anchor text and URL of your website  you wish. Our expert team also go for research of your website and its competitor in  search engine and suggest you the right anchor text for you.

Plans & Pricing

SEO Pro Membership   $99 Per Month

This is the best package for those who runs their business and want to compete with their rivals in the search engine. In this package our experts team research your website daily and keep your website maintained. Within a few weeks your website rankings and traffic will boost up and our experts team will keep it up maintained forever. We will provide monthly reports on your website including the list of link backs created to your website.

Fixed Plan and Pricing

Basic Membership@$110

No of Back links                    Page Rank

1                                                           9

1                                                           8

2                                                           7

3                                                           6

3                                                           5

5                                                           4

5                                                           3

8                                                           2

10                                                         1

Total Back links:  37

Plus Membership@$170

No of Back links                    Page Rank

2                                                           9

2                                                          8

5                                                           7

4                                                          6

4                                                           5

6                                                           4

7                                                           3

10                                                           2

15                                                        1

Total Back Links:  55

Pro Membership@$210

No of Back links                    Page Rank

3                                                           9

3                                                           8

7                                                           7

5                                                           6

6                                                           5

7                                                           4

9                                                           3

12                                                         2

20                                                         1

Total Back links:    72

In this plan we provide the fixed back link of your website and we do not research any further about your website rankings. In this plan we will provide you the reports within a month. We create permanent link as per package.

So if you are running the business and want your website to come in Google rankings then we suggest you to take SEO pro membership in which you will be benefited in many ways.

If you have any query about these things please let us know.

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